We solve puzzles that lead you to new solutions, perhaps even different ones than you envisioned.
A town, municipality and economic development agency requested a business park expansion feasibility study. We provided the form and content of an inter-municipal cost and revenue sharing agreement. As well, we drew a sharp distinction between marketing and selling and specified the actions and the delegation of authority needed to identify leads, qualify the leads, make sales offers and conclude sales contracts.
A municipality asked for an assessment of the financial feasibility of developing a commercial / industrial park. After starting work on this, the Municipal Council confirmed that the ultimate goal was to attract new businesses and encourage existing businesses to expand. The essential value added we brought to the work was that the goal was not to build a park but to attract investment, which opened the way to creating an investment attraction plan that could work, versus one-shot advice on the yes or no for a park.

We sell:

Call us when truth matters, even the hard truth about what you can realistically implement and evaluate given your resources and interests.

  • When you want to keep up with the changes around you so your strategy can pivot on the head of a dime.
  • You need to see if the benefits outweigh the risks for a planned project.
  • You would like a way of measuring results that you can understand, afford and that provides the information needed to make changes.
  • Your people are bogged down in endless to-do lists with many items delayed or just falling off the table.
  • The results of your previous efforts have been disappointing; however, you are not sure why.
  • Your organization or company needs a realistic plan that is not a field of dreams.